Hey, it’s very cool that you hit this page and you’re looking into making some sort of changes in yours and your family’s life! 
What Are You Looking For?

May be you are here because you are looking for extra few hundred dollars a month to pay for your kids’ extra curricular programs & bills, or extra money for your vacation or may be for other hobbies.

Perhaps, you are looking into financial freedom or creating financial legacy to be inherited by your kids?

Or, maybe you’re sick of not being valued at work? 

Or, may be you are just like me, looking into working from home so that you can look after your kids at home?

Perhaps you want to create a buffer at the end of the month or even retire from your job and be more flexible?

Whatever your reason may be, you are just landing the right page here!

How Can I Help You?

To help you save time, this is what you will be getting:

  • Replicate E-commerce website
  • Virtual back office system
  • Mobile app
  • Getting Started online training 
  • Online marketing system & other business tools
  • Customer service & sales support to help you handle your customers & logistics 
  • Partnership support, and many more!

However, I don’t work with everyone because I invest a lot of time into coaching and developing the online support system for you to use. Therefore, I have to be diligent with my time… And I don’t want to waste your time too.

So, are you qualified? Here’s who I am looking for:

  • Be coachable
  • Has a burning desire to create success
  • Independent and dependable
  • Someone that is a pleasure to work with
  • Someone that has a ‘No-Excuses’ mindset
If your answer to all the above is “YES!” and would like to know more, just send me a Facebook message by typing “More Info” in your message. I will send you a Work From Home Request Form and connect with you soon.


With so many home business options available, it can be confusing and you are probably not sure how to choose the right one that fits you.


Here’s a few things to ask yourself before committing into any work from home business:

  1. Does it required you to travel from house to house to perform product demo & business presentation? If yes, do you have time for that? And if you are a mom with young toddlers or newborn baby, will it be inconvenient for you? 
  2. Does it required you to DIY often? If yes, do you have time for that?
  3. Does it required you to stock up any product inventory? If yes, how will it affect your cash flow and what are the risks involve?
  4. Does it require you to ship the products to your customers? If yes, do you have time for all these logistic especially when your business is growing?
  5. Does it require you to handle all the money transaction from your customers? If yes, will it be a long term hassle?
  6. What’s the monthly cost involved? Any business will definitely involve some kind of cost, but the key is how much is it?  
  7. Can your business be easily marketed online
  8. Do you have a duplicable online marketing system in place that you can leverage without you building it from scratch?
  9. Are you earning $USD that gives you great income after converting to your local currency?
  10. Are you able to expand your business to more than 150 countries? As a start, you might want to just make extra few hundreds dollars from home. But what if one day, you decide to expand your market globally and make that 6 figures income, is your business model allow you to achieve that financial goal?
  11. Can you easily bring your business to anywhere you like even if you choose to migrate to other country one day? Or is your business being tied to just the local market alone?
  12. Is the main income of your business comes from proven high quality products or services? You need to understand that if your business do not have high quality products or services, it is very likely a pyramid scheme, and I am sure you don’t want to tarnish your own reputation by involving in pyramid scheme.
I have no ideas if any of the above factors are important to you, but to me, it is definitely important because I am a person with long term vision, and I don’t like to waste my time and my hard work by choosing the wrong business to start with

If you think it all making sense to you, and would like to take charge of your own life and reap the financial benefits for your family…

Very simple, 

Just click the red button below to send me a Facebook message for more information. Type “More Info” in your Facebook message and I’ll connect with you to talk more soon!

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