Why I Started This Blog?

I am a momtrepreneur. While there are articles pointing out the negative reaction to this modern term, to me, it makes a lot of sense.

Women nowadays are highly educated and capable of making good income. However, many women choose to quit their high paying job in order to give the best attention to their lovely kids. They understand that giving their kids the full attention is important for their character building and overall well-being. 

I love the term “momtrepreneur”, because it means I am first a mother, second a business woman.

Instead of choosing between being a mom and a business woman, I want to have both! With the technology that we are having nowadays, this is totally possible. In fact, many are already finding success in running their own business from home as a full time stay at home mom. In fact, most momtrepreneurs don’t start their home business before having their children, and they don’t wait until their children grow up as a teenager too. 80% of them started their own business from home after their children were born and aged before 6 years old!

Even though it is very rewarding being a momtrepreneur, it is never easy to handle some of the challenges as below:

  • Time management and organization
  • Emotion management, especially when both the business and their children demand for their attention 
  • Business networking or simply connect with their friends
  • Self care such as exercise, healthy eating, sleep well and outlook appearance that are often contribute to their business branding impression
As a momtrepreneur, we don’t just talk about business because we simply can’t separate our business from our mom life. To us as a momtrepreneur, our business and mom life comes in as a set, working together hand in hand. Therefore, our skills of handling our kitchen, our kids, our emotion and our self-care must be effective, so that we can have the time to focus on our business.

Therefore, I decided to start this blog for moms just like me – to share, to inspire, to encourage and to connect!

For the same reasons, I have created a Momtrepreneur & Lifestyle Facebook Group. Here, we share our insights, experiences and encouragements to be a well-versed Momtrepreneur. Besides business, we may also talk about life topics such as parenting, self improvement, lifestyle and many more. If you are a guy reading this now, I am sorry that this Facebook group is not for you. However, you can always share this website and the Facebook group to your lady friends, sisters and wive. 

My Story

As mentioned earlier, I am a momtrepreneur, running my business from home. But first of all, I am a mom to a beautiful daughter, and a wife to my husband. While many moms are using their kids as an excuse for NOT starting a business, I am the opposite. My daughter and my husband are my biggest why for starting my business from home. I strongly believe that besides taking care of kids and family at home, I am also playing an important role in creating a financial legacy for them.

I was a project architect, working full time in a local architect firm. Despite my interest in this industry, the long working hours and the work stress in the architecture firm was actually affecting my health. Therefore, I quit the job and became a drafting freelancer working from home since 2012. Meanwhile, back in 2011, I was also exploring internet marketing. I was paying thousands of dollars attending internet marketing workshop and also investing in various internet marketing tools. However, I was not able to get back my ROI via internet marketing business because this business required me to pick up a lot of skills that would take up even more time from me. By the way, internet marketing is not a simple business. It is very complicated. In 2013, I was pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Being a new mother, I was totally exhausted, and not able to cope with the drafting freelancing works. I was also not able to spend more time to learn new internet marketing skills and build the whole internet marketing business from scratch.

This signals me that I need to seriously look for another business platform that would allow me to have full leverage.

After searching for a few years, I found an amazing business platform. It provides me the online training, system, lifetime coaching and support. Unlike internet marketing, I do not need to build everything from scratch. I also do not need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to attend courses after courses to learn internet marketing skills. Unlike the architecture industry, there are no project submission deadlines. Unlike conventional business, I do not need to stock up the products, handle all the shipping logistics and customer complaints. I can work from home, simply by using my mobile. Great! Definitely suitable for a new busy mom like me.

So, that was how I started my momtrepreneur lifestyle – full leverage, save time, lifetime coaching, business support, low investment with exponential passive income, all business tools are given.

What’s Your Dream?

As a mom, deep down in our hearts, we all have a dream.

I believe that everybody, especially the dedicated moms deserves a fair chance to transform their life and to live up to their hidden potential.

Everybody have their own hidden talents waiting to be discovered, to be unleashed. Everybody has the hunger for achieving something. It could be having more financial capability to help more charities, or as simple as helping the spouse to fulfill their dreams.

But most of the time, it’s not easy to grow our hidden potential or to achieve what we want to achieve because life is never easy especially if we try to do things all by ourselves without leverage. Most of the time, all that we need is just a platform or meeting the right people that can help us and give us the leverage that we need. This is why I partner with a team of entrepreneurs and online marketer to provide a safe environment for women, especially moms to unleash their hidden potential, create new income for themselves and transform their life positively. If you want to know how it works, click here to find out more.

Have a nice day,
Danyelle ♡