I am Danyelle. 

I am running my business from home. 

As a busy mom, I am into effective time-saving beauty & wellness care. I am also a child of God. I learn many life practical wisdom by reading His Word.

Before starting my home business, I was a Project Architect and formerly blogging about Interior & Architectural Design at www.interiorarchitectureart.com. That’s when I was learning about website creation and online marketing.

May be because of my architectural design background, I love all things about website design, online branding and marketing. I am now incorporating all these into my network marketing profession – a home business that I appreciate much due to its great business model and personal growth opportunity.

My Story

I was a project architect, working full time in a local architect firm. 

Despite my interest in this industry, the long working hours and the work stress in the architecture company was actually affecting my health. Therefore, I quit the job and became a drafting freelancer working from home. 

Meanwhile, I was also exploring internet marketing. I was paying thousands of dollars attending internet marketing workshop and also investing in various internet marketing tools. That was when I started to learn how to build website, SEO keywords, online automation and many more.

Being a new mother to my beautiful girl, I was totally exhausted, and not able to cope with the drafting freelancing works. I was also not able to spend more time to learn new internet marketing skills and build the whole internet marketing business from scratch.

This signals me that I need to seriously look for another business model that would allow me to have full leverageThat led me to network marketing – save time, free coaching and business support, low investment to start with, all business tools are given, potential residual income. This business model makes a lot of sense to me.

Unlike the architecture industry, there are no project submission deadlines. Unlike conventional business, I do not need to stock up the products, handle all the shipping logistics and customer complaints. 

I can work from home, simply by using my mobile. I like to build my business with simple online duplication method. 

Here in my blog, I will share some of my home business journey – new things that I have learned and experienced, both on the business side and day-to-day life.


Have a nice day,
Danyelle ♡ 
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