Besides running my home business, I am also taking good care of my body to make sure I stay healthy. Without a healthy body, I won’t be able to accomplish much in my business and also in my family life.

As a busy momtrepreneur, I need to be efficient in managing time and money too. I cook very simple yet delicious weight loss meals everyday. Here are all the meals that I eat daily. Check it out to get some weight loss meal ideas that are both saving time and money.

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Weight Loss Breakfast

Preparation Time:

Approximately 10-20 minutes


Approximately RM3.00 ($0.74)

Easy Ingredients:

Protein: Tempeh, Tofu, Egg, Cheese, Low Fat Greek Yogurt, Good Quality Protein Shake

Carb: Fruits, Corns, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Baby Carrots

Fat: Olive Oil, Sesame Seeds, Nuts, Avocado

Others (Optional): Salad (Without dressing), Japanese Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes

Time Saving Kitchen Equipment:

Air Fryer. I use it to fry tempeh and tofu, to bake corns, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and to bake vegetable cheese egg, or half/hard boil egg. Set the time and cooking mode, and head over to my other chores. This is how I can prepare my breakfast in short 10 -20 minutes time.

Tips: If you want to save even more time, suggest you to eat fruits for your carb intake instead of baking potatoes or sweet potatoes. With this, you can literally prepare your breakfast within 5-10 minutes.


Weight Loss Lunch/Dinner

Preparation Time:

Approximately one hour (including ingredient washing and preparation time)


Approximately RM3.00 – RM6.00 ($0.74 – $1.50) per meal per person

Time Saving Tips:

Besides using air fryer to save time, my other time saving tips as below. Feel free to adapt based on your preference and situation.

  1. Minimum ingredient. For example, I usually use olive oil, garlic  and himalayan salt (optional) only when stir fried vegetables.
  2. Besides Basmati rice as carb, I usually cook only 2 dishes (one protein dish and one vegetable dish). Sometimes, I only cook 1 dish with the combination of vegetable and protein. These are already enough nutrient provison of complete protein, carb and fat. Anything more than that will be over your calories intake quota and thus will be causing weight gained.
  3. Steam or boil vegetables is a great way to save time while still preserve the best nutrient.
  4. I love to cook one pot vegetable soup. Save time, less oil, and very healthy. 

Lunch/dinner Ideas During Weight Loss Detox Process

Below are some of my lunch/dinner ideas during my weight loss detox process where no rice/grains, calorie-dense veggies, salt and condiments is allowed. In this case, I replaced Basmati rice with fruits and low calorie veggies that falls under carb category, such as eggplant, pumpkin and carrots.

Lunch/dinner Ideas During Non-detox Process

Healthy Snacks

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