Hi I'm Danyelle

Hi, my name is Danyelle, nice to meet you!
I am a mom, wife, and also an entrepreneur running my own home based business.

I do not have any physical store and office. I only have a virtual office that operates from my mobile phone and laptop.

I love this kind of business model because of its' flexibility and low operation cost.

In this blog, I will share topics about work at home, entrepreneurship and also personal development.

I humbly would not consider myself as expert in everything because I truly believe that when I consider myself as an expert, this is where ego will starts to step in and stopping me from continue growing and receiving good knowledge.

Whatever that I am going to share here was what I once learned from my business mentors, coaches and good friends that are full of wisdom. Some were from other great online resources. I hope you will enjoy my humble sharing and gain some benefit from it.

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