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Moms are constantly struggle in juggling between family and work (aka their income). Often, moms seems to left with only one choice – either income or family. But, you don’t have to be left with such dilemma.

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Here, we share our insights, experiences and encouragements to be a well-versed Momtrepreneur. Besides business, we may also talk about life topics such as parenting, self improvement, lifestyle and many more.

This is a Ladies-Only Facebook Group. It’s free! Guys, sorry, we love you too, but this group is not for you. We welcome you to get your lady friends, sisters and wive to join us!   🙂

Want More Tips On How To Eat Clean & Healthy As A Busy Mom?


Besides running my home business, I am also taking good care of my body to make sure I stay healthy. Without a healthy body, I won’t be able to accomplish much in my business and also in my family life. As a busy momtrepreneur, I need to be efficient in managing time and money too. I cook very simple yet delicious weight loss meals everyday. 

Do you want to get more tips on how to eat clean and healthy while still busy with your business and family matters? I have created a new facebook group just for that. Click the button below to join us.

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