I am a professional networker building this business with full commitment and passion. But first of all, I am mom to a beautiful daughter, and a wife to my husband. They are my biggest why for starting this business.

I was a project architect, working full time in a local architect firm. Despite my interest in this industry, the long working hours and the work stress in the architect firm was actually affecting my health. Therefore, I quit the job and became a drafting freelancer working from home since 2012. Meanwhile, back in 2011, I was also exploring about internet marketing. I was paying thousands attending internet marketing workshop and also investing in various internet marketing tools. However, I was not able to get back my ROI via internet marketing business because this business required me to pick up a lot of skills that would take up even more time from me. By the way, internet marketing is not a simple business. It is very complicated. In 2013, I was pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Being a new mother, I was totally exhausted, and not able to cope with the drafting freelancing works. I was also not able to spend more time to learn new internet marketing skills and build the whole sales funnel from scratch.

This signals me that I need to seriously look for other business platform that allows me to have full leverage. In mid 2015, I found this amazing business platform. It provides me the online training, system, lifetime coaching and support. Unlike internet marketing, I do not need to build everything from scratch. I also do not need to spend thousands and thousands to attend courses after courses to learn internet marketing. Unlike architecture industry, there is no project submission deadlines. Unlike conventional business, I do not need to stock up the products, handle all the shipping logistic and customer complaints. Jeunesse Global will handle all these fulfillment on my behalf. I can work from home, simply by using my mobile. Great! Definitely suitable for a new busy mom like me. So, this is why I started this business.

Why I Choose Network Marketing

When I started this business, I was not aware that this is network marketing. All I knew is that this is a very practical and ideal business model - full leverage, save time, lifetime coaching, business support, low investment with exponential passive income, all business tools are given... What else can I ask for? There is no reason why I should hesitate to start this business! 

After I involved in this business, I started to understand what is network marketing and the beauty of this business model, and I fall in love with it. Unlike corporate office that are full of office politics and unfair employment system, I realized that this is such a fair business that it rewards those that are working on it and having the ability. No one will undercut your pay because you are your own boss. You decide how much you want to earn.

When you are building this business, you are actually creating a long term financial legacy for your children because it is heritable.

What Is Network Marketing To Me?

Network Marketing is a complete personal development course. Do you want to become a better person and start shining? If yes, come and involve in network marketing. I can assure you that you will start to grow to become a stronger person, with better character, more independent and happier.

Network Marketing is about personal freedom. In today's society, it's hard for us to have both time and financial freedom. Usually, we either do not have time, or money, or we do not have both. Network marketing is the path to true personal freedom -  to have both time and financial freedom.

Network marketing is about friendship and success sharing. When everyone else is laughing at you for having a big dream and trying to stop you from achieving your success, here in network marketing, you will find a group of friends that are grooming you towards your success and cheer for your achievement.

My Mission

While I am working towards my own goals, I am also looking into helping other people achieving their goals too. My passion is to see them having the extra income for their financial goals, achieving their own dreams and personal freedom, and having better appearance and health as they are building this business.

My promise to you is as long as you are not giving up, I will not give up on you too, and I will hold your hand to build this business together.

What do you think? Shall we do it together?