When you become part of our team, you will be able to access the business tools as below:

  • Business Tools #1 to #4 are provided by Jeunesse Global.
  • Business Tools #5 to #11 are exclusively provided by our team for FREE.

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Business Tool #1: Jeunesse Global Replicate E-commerce Website

You will be given the replicate e-commerce website with your unique URL that act as a sales tracking link. For example, your own replicate e-commerce website URL will be https://YourOwnChosenName.jeunesseglobal.com.

Your job is to promote your replicate e-commerce website. Whenever you make a sales through your replicate e-commerce website, Jeunesse Global will be able to track the sales and reward you accordingly. Jeunesse Global will transfer the commissions you earned to your bank account on a weekly basis.

Business Tool #2: Jeunesse Global Back Office System (JOffice)

You will be able to login to your Back Office from your replicate e-commerce website. You can do your setting, track your sales & commissions, access useful marketing tools, receive message from Jeunesse and many more.

Business Tool #3: Jeunesse Global Customer Service & Sales Support

Whenever you make a sales, Jeunesse Global will help you to fulfill the product order, shipping, refund, product replacement and customer service. Therefore, this will save you time and effort. No stock up of inventory is required. This is 100% dropship. Thus, you ease yourself from the problems of paying upfront for the stocks and worrying about not able to sell it later.

Business Tool #4: Jeunesse Global JMobile App

JMobile act as your mobile Back Office that you can easily bring along with you through your tablets or smartphones. You can download your JMobile App from Google Play or App Store.

Business Tool #5: Passive Wealth Online Training Portal

Are you wondering how to make passive income as a newbie, in the fastest way possible without any internet marketing/e-commerce/sales experience? We will teach you the proven strategies through all the training in this portal. This is a pre-recorded video coaching program conducted by Patric Chan (the Founder of Passive Wealth Team). Therefore, you can log in to your Passive Wealth Online Training Portal at any time and any where.

Business Tool #6: Passive Wealth Online Training Portal Distribution Rights

As you expand your business, you will have new business partners that helps to bring in passive income to your business. In order for your new business partners to helps you expand your business successfully, they need to be trained by you. However, you may not have the time or the ability to train them. When you join our Passive Wealth Team today, you’ll be granted the full distribution rights to give this Passive Wealth Online Training Portal (Business Tool #5 above) to your partners for free, so that they too, will be well-trained. In other words, we will help you train your business partners. Therefore, you do not need to re-invent the whole training program to train your business partners.

However, this FREE business tool is only available for limited time only. So if you want us to help you train your business partners for free, please register to become Passive Wealth Team member as soon before we take down this free offer.

Business Tool #7: Live Webinar Training

We have regular live training via our Facebook Support Group in which you will be able to replay it later. Just as Business Tool #6, we will help you train your new business partners via this Live Webinar Training.

Business Tool #8: Passive Wealth Salesletter

In traditional business, no matter how good your product/service is,  you cannot earn even a penny from it if you have a lousy salesperson. Likewise, in any online/e-commerce business, you cannot earn even a single cent from it with a weak salesletter. Basically, salesletter act as an online sales person. Hence, it is vital to have a compelling salesletter that will pull the prospect/customers right into it and see clearly the benefits that are presented against the very reasonable price you are charging.

You may not know how to write an effective salesletter. Therefore, you will be given salesletter with your unique sales tracking link that you can use to promote your Jeunesse Global Replicate E-commerce Website. You will receive different versions of salesletter that helps you to target different market needs. This way, you’ll be able to generate income very fast.

If you were to hire a copywriter to write a salesletter, it’ll easily cost you between $5,000 to $10,000. But today, when you become a family member of ours, you’ll get the FULL RIGHTS to use the proven salesletter written by world-class internet marketer to sell for you.

Business Tool #9: Passive Wealth Partnership Support

Once you become part of our team, you will receive real-time partnership support from our team via facebook, whatsapp and telegram.

Business Tool #10: Passive Wealth System

In any traditional business, you will need a sales team to help you handle marketing, promotion, educate your customers regarding the product/service you are offering, to make follow-up calls to your customers and many more.

Passive Wealth System act as your online sales team to handle all that mentioned above. This is a partly automated system to help you promote your entire Jeunesse e-commerce business by using the internet so that you’ll be able to reach mass and globally, that will help to increase your sales conversion rapidly. Therefore, this is the MOST IMPORTANT tool that you need if you are looking for saving your time and to build your business globally, without you stepping out of the house frequently.

Business Tool #11: Passive Wealth Online Presentation

For you to start earning, conventionally, you will need to meet your potential customers face-to-face and spend that 2-3 hours explaining to them about the company, the product and so on. The disadvantage is that it will be very time consuming and give you a lot of burden & stress unnecessary, especially that if you are new to this, you will have the difficulties to do the presentation all on your own.

Now, we have a solution for you: The Online Presentation!

Since you are busy, why not let this tool help you do the presentation instead? Conventionally, as mentioned above, you are wasting your time by doing the presentation on your own for 2-3 hours for just one customer! Now, with this tool, you no longer need to do the presentation on your own. You can easily invite all your potential customers (can be 5, 10, 20 or even 100 of them, it’s unlimited numbers) from all over the world to watch the 2-hours-online-presentation, while you are happily doing your own things such as spend time with family, working on your full time job, shopping and so on!

Since you are new and not an expert in this business yet, you should not do the presentation on your own. You should let this tool help you do the presentation instead!

This is the most powerful business tool for those that are having busy schedule and also the newbies.

(Terms & Conditions applies. If you would like to have this tool, please check with us for more details.)