What is the best home based business for stay-at-home moms (or Dads)?

Home based business opportunities has become popular in today’s modern economy. In fact, without you knowing it, you have probably talked to a business owner or purchased a product from an online company that functions completely right from their home.

As diverse as products and services are, so are the choices for a home-based business. With so many home based business opportunities, it can be rather confusing to select the right one. In fact, most people choose what they think is the best home based business for all the wrong reasons.

How to know if the home-based business is a good fit for you? Lets’ see some of the key factors here.

1. Be In The Hot Trend Market

It must be in the hot trend where demand are high.

Be very careful not to be confused between the “trend” and the “buzz”. The trend is long lasting. It has to be an evergreen business that the trend is continuing no matter how many years later,  and it should not be affected by the economy. One of the best hot trend example is trillion dollar anti-aging and wellness industry.

The buzz is temporary and you will be out of business once the buzz in over. For example, Gangnam Style is a buzz, PPAP is a buzz, 2016 Presidential Election Poster is also a buzz.

2. E-Commerce Platform

The best e-commerce platform should have these criteria to save your time and makes it easier for you:

  • No inventory
  • No office
  • No fulfillment
  • No operation cost
  • No paper work and admin work
  • No customer service

3. Be Able To Turn It Into Worldwide Business

Ideally, your business should be able to expand internationally without any hassle and extra effort from your own. If you want to have good income, your business should not be confined to your own geographical location. It should be able to reach the global market even though you are just operating your business from home.

4. Selling Revolutionary Products

With so many choices of products available in the market, you are in fact competing with everyone. To makes your business stands out, the products that you are selling must be revolutionary and be able to add tremendous value to your customers when they purchase.

One of the example of revolutionary product is devices from Apple.

5. Monthly Recurring Income

If you want to have month recurring income, you should be selling products or services that are constantly depleted every month. One of the best example is health supplement, skincare products, formula milk ans so on.

6. Be Able to Market Online

With today’s technology, everyone can easily make their purchase through their mobile devices with just a few clicks. Therefore, to be able to market your business online through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WeChat, Line, Whatsapp, Instagram and Blogging are crucial to your business success.

In fact, the present and the future of marketing are Facebook, internet marketing and mobile commerce. Therefore, you should operate your business trough the mobile app that can track your sales on the go.

7. Ongoing Training

Starting your own home business alone without proper guidance, support and coaching can be difficult. Ideally, you should look for the home based business that provides ongoing training to make sure you are on the right track of your business.

8. Easy To Make Money

Your business should be able to pay you in currency that are better than where you are staying. For example, if you are staying in Malaysia or Indonesia, you should be looking into earning $USD instead of MYR of Rupiah.

After currency exchange, you will increase your income instantly by at least three to four times

9. Be Able To Generate Passive Income

Most people are working on getting their active income, such as bakery, baby sitting and freelancing. When you are looking for a home based business, you should be looking for those that have the capability of generating passive income. For example, you can start with network marketing or internet marketing if you are savvy. These two industries are the most ideal for generating passive income from home.


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