The Unfair Advantage that You and I Have (And How To Use It Before It’s Too Late)

We’re so blessed to be living in today’s age.


Because in the past, there was no Internet. Even if there was, most people would not know how to leverage on it and the e-commerce infrastructure is not there yet.

Apart than the automation of what e-commerce can provide for you, these are the 3 key game-changers:

  1. Global reach: Imagine opening a “store” where you can get customers from all around the world. If you take a while to ponder on this, it’s truly unimaginable how big your business can grow. Just like what is happening right now – we are able to “connect” with you without any conventional medium. Remarkable, isn’t it?
  2. Speed: Everything is one a click away. Just think… assuming you’re selling a product online and you told your friends and neighbours about it. Within the next 10 minutes, they could be ordering your product from the comfort of their homes. Heck, they can be doing this even while they’re at work because they could be ordering it via their iPhones or smartphones.
  3. Extremely low costs: You could be running a full-fledge business and yet, a one-person band business. No office rental, hiring staff and all of the other conventional business headaches. Furthermore, your “store” is open 24 hours a day. What else can you ask for?

Think of it this way…

Your e-commerce business can generate a passive income for you. Simply because you’re not working anymore.

It’s definitely a leverage income model because you’re leveraging on the internet, automation mechanism and so on.

Lastly, it has the opportunity to make a massive income because your internet business is scalable and you’re building AN ASSET for the future.


Just to reaffirm you that you are on the right track with an e-Commerce business…

The richest man in China today is Jack Ma. The guy behind, the world’s largest B2B e-commerce marketplace. Just think about this: he is able to beat all of the real estate moguls, car maker entrepreneurs, plantation owners and so on in China. One word – eCommerce business.

eCommerce allows a business owner to reach globally within seconds.

And do you know that the RICHEST MAN in China before him was the founder of Tencent, the dotcom company that created QQ chat? Pony Mah was only 42 years old then.

The reason why I am referring to China is to bring out a very important awareness – eCommerce is not just happening in United States anymore. Obviously, that’s the #1 market but the matter of fact is, the whole world, especially Asia is picking it up rapidly now. So now it’s the time to start your own eCommerce business if you were to start your own home business.



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