It All Starts From The Mind

I was once a complainer. I literally complaint about anything and everything, and the end result was devastating. It took me years to finally understand that my happiness and my future does not rely on my education and background. But it has a lot to do with my mind. The way how I think leads to my action, and action leads to result.

Here I would like to explain why it is important to train our mind to have positive thought that can lead to positive attitude and result.

1. Negative thought affect us badly

It has been proven many times that negative thought narrow our focus and scope of work. It’s one of the most powerful ways to shut our minds off to opportunities or new ideas. This is why it is important for us to always listen with a positive emotion (agreeability) in mind, so that our minds will more naturally open up to what the speaker is saying, and thus avoid misunderstanding that could leads to conflict and sour feeling.

2. A better career

When encounter many challenges and issues from market place, most people deal with it in a negative way. You will notice that those who have negative mental attitude toward work and career are less likely to succeed or achieve their goals.

A more positive and constructive approach will change your performance. Taking challenges positively in the workplace or market place can bring you outstanding results, develop good relationships with colleagues & clients, and even take you notches up the corporate ladder or personal business success.

3. Building and Developing Relationships

A big impact of positive thinking is on relationships with people. Positive thinkers attracts others toward them. They are simply nice companions to be with. When you are around the presence of optimists, you become inspired to do things because they motivate you with their stories and viewpoints. This is because positive thinking is very contagious. So, in a way, you are helping out those who are feeling down and weary, or even those who feel there is no hope for them.  When you stay positive, you will realize that people around you will stop ranting and start to be positive too, and thus, it brings more positive energy back to yourself. Keep things positive and see the wonders it can do to your life.

Other benefits are as below:

  • It helps you to expect success and not failure
  • It makes you feel inspired
  • It gives you the strength not to give up when you encounter obstacles or challenges in life
  • It makes you look at failure and problems as an opportunity to learn a new life lesson
  • It enables you to show self-esteem and confidence, believing in yourself and your abilities
  • It helps you look for solutions, instead of dwelling on problems
  • It helps you to see and recognize opportunities
  • It helps in your constructive and creative thinking
  • It gives you motivation and energy to do things and accomplish goals
  • It brings more happiness to you and the people around you

Looking at all the benefits, it is certainly worth to train and develop your brain to have a positive mind.


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